Large fine for mobile trader already in liquidation

By on February 8, 2018
Large fine for mobile trader already in liquidation

A mobile trader, that has been in liquidation for nearly a year, has been fined more than $100,000 for misleading consumers.

Auckland-based Appenture Marketing was fined $114,000 in the Auckland District Court on Friday, for misleading consumers about their rights and for failing to provide customers with key contract information.

In the sentencing, Judge Mary-Beth Sharp said while the mobile trader was "most unlikely " to pay these fines, the penalty was placed to act as a deterrent.

Appenture sold consumer goods, such as electronic goods, door-to-door on credit at prices significantly higher than what was charged at mainstream stores.

In March 2016 it offered an Apple iPhone 6S for $4440 when the same model was then available from a major retailer for $1399.

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