About Insolvency Watch

Insolvency Watch monitors the world-wide web in New Zealand for liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy news as well as reports of convictions of fraud and other 'white collar' crimes'.

However as we also include events such as 'Solvent liquidation' inclusion on this web site does not always mean that the company, the directors and / or shareholders, or individual/s are insolvent.

Solvency Matters

Insolvency Watch publishes its information as it comes to hand, our web site is constantly being updated with new information. The information is also published in our members only 'Solvency Matters' newsletter, customised reports and our Statistical Data section.

Here are a couple of screen shots of some typical notices:

Daily email summaries

Subscribers can also opt-in to receive the following summaries by email:

  • Daily (Monday to Friday): Application to Liquidate notices
  • Daily (Monday to Friday): Appointment of Liquidator & Receiver notices- includes Solvent liquidations, end of Receivership and Voluntary Administration / Liquidation notices.
  • Weekly (Friday): Bankruptcy and No Asset Procedure notices
  • Additionaly, there is a weekly and a monthly summary for the first two categories above.

Restricted content

Sections of this website that are restricted to paid subscribers include:

  • Applications to Liquidate Advertisements*
  • Banned Directors, list of (updated weekly)
  • Liquidation Notices* (updated hourly)
  • Solvent liquidation Notices*
  • Voluntary admin / Liquidation Notices*
  • Receivership Notices* (updated hourly)
  • Notice of End of Receivership*
  • Notices of Intention to Cease Business in New Zealand (updated weekly)
  • * also available by Daily / Weekly / Monthly Summaries via email as mentioned in the section above.

Source of information

The bulk of the information displayed on this site is the intelligent collection and sorting of public domain information by people who are experienced in analysing the information.

We source our information primarily via customised web search processes and authorised data feeds with a number of Government agencies. 99.9% (ninety nine point nine) percent of the information displayed in the Media / Insolvency Watch section of this web site is publicly available information.

Examples of Publicly available information include, but are not limited to:

  • If one is a Director / shareholder this is public domain information.
  • If one's company enters Liquidation or Receivership, this is public domain information
  • If / when one is Bankrupted, whether by “personal choice” or “otherwise”, this is public domain information.
  • Public notices are public information
  • If / when one is found quilty of a criminal offence, this is public domain (unless name suppression has been granted).

NOTE: The Privacy Act does not cover Publicly Available Information.

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