Jail term for Christchurch company director’s ‘sustained’ tax offending

By on November 3, 2017
Jail term for Christchurch company director's 'sustained' tax offending

A judge has sent a powerful message about tax payment failures with a 25-month jail term for the director of two Christchurch companies that had been giving out accounting and tax advice.

Raymond Martin Kesha, a 49-year-old salesman, is now an undischarged bankrupt with no ability to pay back the $195,991 he owes for failures over 94 tax periods during four years.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tony Couch made it clear that a good reputation would carry only limited weight with a sentencing judge when offending had gone on for so long.

He accepted that submission from Inland Revenue prosecutor Virginia Diefenbach, who said offending over such a long period "dis-entitled" Kesha for any sentence reduction. He had received a warning from an Inland Revenue inspector in 2014 but the offending continued for another nine months.

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