By on February 19, 2018

Liquidator/s Appointed: Solvent Liquidation

On the 19 Feb 2018 SLIPSTREAM LIMITED was put into Liquidation.

Previously known as:
CRAYFORD FREIGHT SERVICES (N.Z.) LIMITED (from 20 Aug 1993 to 04 Mar 2016)

A Resolution of Solvency - That the company would, on the appointment of a Liquidator under section 241(2)(a) of the Companies Act 1993, be able to pay its debt - was filed on 16 Feb 2018

James Kenneth SLOAN
27 Crestview Place, Browns Bay, Auckland, 0630

Julie Adele SLOAN
27 Crestview Place, Browns Bay, Auckland, 0630
Liquidator details:
Peri Micaela Finnigan and Boris van Delden
Phone: +64 9 3030506
Address: Level 10, 52 Swanson Street, Auckland, 1010, NZ

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* Director details as listed by the New Zealand Companies Office at the time of posting of this notice, and may have changed since

A company can be placed into liquidation in one of the following ways:

  • Through a 'Special Resolution of Shareholders - 241(2)(a)' including Solvent Liquidations; or
  • A decision of the 'Board of Directors - 241(2)(b)" of the company following an event specified in the company constitution to cause liquidation; or
  • A 'Creditors Resolution Passed at Watershed Meeting - 241(2)(d)'; or
  • The High Court makes an order following an application to the 'Court - 241(2)(c)' by either the company, a director, a shareholder or a creditor of the company; or
  • 'Vacancy in Office - 283(8)', an existing Liquidator resigns and is replaced.
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